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S2E4 Sex & Mental Health ft. Dr. Nazanin Moali

Join Em & Jay as they chat with Dr. Nazanin Moali and get to the CORE of mental health surrounding sex....

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S2E3 Catfished!

Let’s get to the CORE of a Catfish! Being catfished has become a common occurrence these days. The phrase is widely...

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S2E2 Sex As a Profession – Part I: Stripper ft. Jamie Saint

In part one of this four-part series, Em & Jay get to the CORE of what it’s truly like to be...

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S2E1 We’re Back!

Welcome back! Em & Jay have been busy bees in the off-season and they tell you all about it! Get to...

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*Bonus Episode* Change The Narrative: Black Lives Matter!

In this episode, it’s time to get to the CORE of what the hell is wrong in this country! We decided...

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S1E12 Porn: Maker or Deal Breaker?

In this season finale episode of season one, Em and Jay get to the CORE of pornography! An extremely sensitive and...

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Season 2 Episode 9
"Sex Complexes & Hang-ups"

At some point in our lives, a majority of us uncover a complex or hang-up in our sex lives. This could be a phase or something lingering. Check out this episode to hear Em & Jay discuss the very sensitive subject.

Season 2 Episode 18
"Relationships & Sex During Pregnancy"

This is a topic Em & Jay are intimately familiar with! Having a child of their own and actively adding to their family, navigating the demands of pregnancy along with marriage is most certainly a skill. If you are thinking of having children or are already a parent, this is for you!

Season 2 Episode 21
"Control v. Inspiration"

Control is an illusion, yet many of us have tried to employ the tactic of control over situations in our lives. Controlling another person is even more impossible, but when it comes to relationships, desperation can make us do crazy things. This is an episode for all!

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The face behind the voice, the brains behind the operation, and the passion behind the success!

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The cool, collected, intellectual! Known as the "Creative One." You'll often hear him make too many LOTR references!

Miah - guest host

The wild child! Keeps us young and up on all the hip lingo the kids are using!

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Dealing With Divorce - Part I

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Sex Safety & STD Etiquette in Dating

Ryland Babylove

Sex As a Profession - Part II: Cam Girl

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