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Em is a wife, mother of a rambunctious toddler, sister to 4 siblings, aunt to 17 nieces and nephews, and great-aunt to 11 great-nieces and nephews.

Having a passion for human nature and the intricacies of human behavior, Em dedicates much of her time to observation, reading, and self-education.

Always the ear and the shoulder, Em spent/spends a lot of time listening to others complain, vent, and inquire about relationships and sex. This inspired her to be part of No Sacred Thing.

Having been told, most of her life, that she has a keen perspective and objective view on the topics surrounding intimacy, she was eager to reach out on a larger scale and help more people.

Finding her own sexual awakening and liberation in her early 20s, Em began to integrate a somewhat hedonistic philosophy into her life. She is an advocate for pleasure and believes that everyone deserves to

Always happy to share her own experiences and philosophies with the world, Em is excited to be part of such a wonderful venture and looks forward to connecting with the audience in new, fresh, and real ways!

“Be happy. Diligently seek out your happiness and don’t settle for anyone else’s version of what that may look like.” – Em


Show Host

Jay is a husband, a father, and that’s about as far as it goes when it comes to people. He’s never been big on the concept of family, but has come to immensely value the company he chooses to keep.

In rebuilding himself from weaker points in life he became acutely interested in philosophy, psychology, and sociology, especially how it could be used to transcend unproductive mentalities.

In that pursuit and development, he came across a lot of the things that currently hold his interests.

Jay considers himself a hedonist, gaining value in experience while leaning towards an egocentric viewpoint. He views physical, carnal, artistic, and intellectual indulgence to be the most worthwhile use of time and energy.

He is a music snob with metal being his favorite genre, he is also a painter and has a passion for writing.

In doing the No Sacred Thing podcast, Jay’s motivation is knowing that everyone faces a lot of the same issues and it sucks to be unhappy.

Figuring life out is tough, so if sharing anything that he’s learned will help then it’s worth putting it out there.

“Illuminate the darkness as you seek and don’t let anybody tell you shit that they can’t back up” -Jay


Guest Show Host

Miah is a son, brother, and uncle. Always putting family first and making the most out of what he has been given.

He has always had a love for all things different and unique. He came out as gay at the age of 17, put himself through college, and vowed to make something of himself. 

Music and art have always been his passion and he works to create beauty every day. He is also well-versed in sex and taboo-related topics. He believes sex should be celebrated and enjoyed. Never looked down upon or condemned.

Very much a free spirit and someone willing to try new things, he lives his life one experience at a time.

“To everything I’ve ever lost: thank you for setting me free.” -Faraway

About Our Podcast

Our mission here is: “Getting to the core of the forbidden!” In love, sex, dating, relationships, marriage, and everything that comes with those topics.

In this generation of instant gratification, swiping left and right, and relationship hopping, people rarely take the time to sit down and analyze the “why” anymore. Of course, there is much speculation and flowery “inspiration” regarding it, but not really a gritty conversation being had.

People don’t like to offend or be offended. We are of the mindset that a bit of offense can be a fantastic catalyst for growth and change. One simply has to be open to the possibilities, as well as be content with discomfort. Not the most popular opinion, we know.

Every day we use many philosophies to govern our lives. Even ones we don’t fully understand or are aware exist. No Sacred Thing has a goal to bring those obscure concepts into clear focus. Intimacy, love, sex, relationships, are difficult arenas to navigate and no one has a perfect formula. NO ONE!

Don’t believe the hype. There is no ideal equation for working through life. No magic pill or one size fits all. We all have to find our way. Every day. We are here to let you know you’re not alone, to offer some insight, and more than likely, offend the hell out of you!

Join us, won’t you?

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