S2E6 The Friend Zone ft. The Family Podcast

The Friend Zone is a special place that so many people love to hate! In this collaboration with London brothers, Sammy & Don of The Family Podcast, we get to the CORE of this widely feared and metaphorical place! Whether you’ve been “friend-zoned” or you’re the one allocating poor souls to it, you’ll want to hear what transpired on this episode!

Imagine spending every waking day together, laughing, arguing, and figuring out childhood/teenage life, unknowingly forging an unbreakable bond. These days, you no longer live together, you see each other when you can but you both agree there has to be more to life. So you agree to do a podcast to keep in touch with each other, but it quickly becomes something more than just “catching up.”

You both come to realise that unknown brotherly bond, you bring it into the light, you decide to share it with the world declaring “I won’t turn my back on you” through the phrase “No Cain & Abel”. Sammy and Don are your new favourite brothers, using raw, honest conversation to tell the world three simple things:

  • Your life matters.
  • Who you keep in your life matters.
  • You have the power to change everything!

Find them at @thefamilypodcast

Disclaimer : This podcast contains sexual and adult themes, language, and situations.

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